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CMS digital Menu Board for fast food restaurants and cafes

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We offer the development and installation of a Menu Board management system. Using our system, you can easily and conveniently change the content directly on the Menu Board screen. Management requires almost no training and works in the familiar Windows environment. You can connect up to 6 screens per media server to the system. Ideal for fast food restaurants, beer bars and stores with an ever-changing range of drinks. The system functions both locally and supports remote management.

How do I order a Menu Board design? Click here!

With our system you will have access to the following management options:

  • add and delete items;

  • change photos of food and drinks;

  • you can edit the description, composition and cost;

  • remote control from anywhere on the planet;

  • create playlists for video menus;

  • use horizontal or vertical screens;

  • create slideshows from photos and more...

Example of how the digital menu control system works:

Digital menu Board management system for fast food restaurants and cafes

We will develop a menu Board management system according to Your parameters!

To Operate the control system, you will need from 1 to 6 screens with a PC-based media server connected to them. Our specialists are always ready to help you with the selection, configuration and installation of equipment for menu boards, which will significantly save the cost of implementing the entire system. We provide installation, configuration and support throughout the life of the equipment and control system. Including remotely.

 Static Menu Board / screen from 8.000 o 
 Animated Menu Board / screen from 24.000 o 
 Video editing / screen from 8.000 o 
 Individual photography treaty 
 Intermediate 2D or 3D videos / video clip from 8.000 o 
 Rendering and video coding from 2.000 o 

Our experience in creating digital menus for restaurants allows us to offer the highest quality design services using our own photo bank.

Remote setup and launch, offer for regions:

If you are located in the region and want to implement a Menu Board system with the ability to manage content at home, you should know that we offer remote installation and configuration! Our specialists will select the necessary equipment depending on your situation and needs, provide you with recommendations for installation and connection, and we will configure the software remotely via the Internet.

Work with professionals, be sure of the result!

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Our client:

ReMenu restaurant service mainly cooperates with catering and entertainment establishments. We have been working on a permanent basis for more than 10 years to design and print menus with many restaurants, cafes, clubs and bars. This allows us to accumulate vast experience and knowledge in the field of menu development and creation. Professional photography of dishes for the menu, creating video menu boards, folders for the menu, own photo Bank of high-quality images, non-standard approach to solving any tasks on a turnkey basis in a short time.

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